Investors on Terms: niche investors in residential real estate working with buyers who can't buy and sellers who can't sell
Investors on Terms: fixing the mortgage gap created after easy lending before the inevitable 2008 downturn; rules are now extremely strict and tough for borrowers

What can an Investor on Terms do for a Home BUYERS?

Home Buyers who find the traditional method of purchasing a home challenging, may benefit from homes offered for sale by an Investor on Terms.

Whatever the reason for not being able or willing to purchase a property traditionally, an investor on terms may allow to address the hurdles specifically. Working around or resolving them for the Buyer is the goal. Putting the Buyer on the path of home ownership is one of the ultimate objective of an Investor on Terms. The alternative would be to resolve the issues before acquiring a property. A deal on terms can provide a solution to the following issues, alongside the need for a place that can be called permanent home:

Buyers’ typical situations
  • Credit score dented by isolated events that can be repaired with some time (example: divorce)
  • Need of a permanent home that can be called the Buyers’ ASAP
  • Require some time for the necessary funds to clear
  • Waiting for a lump sum to come through
  • Waiting to liquidate assets when time would help achieve a better outcome
  • A new and better job that would allow for a new and better home requires 2 years for “seasoning” for lenders to approve a mortgage
  • ID theft always requires time, effort and money to straighten out
  • Not enough cash acceptable by lenders (including seasoning, origin, and more) to fund a downpayment and secure the rest of the financing
  • The opportunity to implement effective tax planning
  • To stave off opportunistic and uncommendable creditors
  • The ability to plan business investments

And there are many many other instances…

Uniqueness of individual stories

What also makes this niche so interesting, is how many different stories, backgrounds and scenarios we come across. Never two stories are identical and some are truly fascinating.

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Every deal is different because of the very unique nature of each of our Buyers’ situation. Not always Investors can offer terms that suit the Buyers, but sometimes it’s the only option for some Buyers and their families to see their own American Dream of home ownership become reality.

Investors on Terms: Tools from Real Estate Law to find a solution
Investors on Terms: Real Estate Laws allow many effective solutions for sellers and buyers aside from traditional mainstream methods